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How to choose your first Rolex, a list of three entry-level watches for ordinary watch lovers

Rolex has a superb popularity in China, “those who know watches will choose Rolex, those who don’t know watches will also choose Rolex”, and many watch enthusiasts have taken Rolex as their first trench watch target. However,replica watches for the common man, the first Rolex watch can be a lower priced entry level model. Today, Wang Hui is here to introduce you to three models.

Oyster Perpetual

The Oyster Perpetual is Rolex’s most basic model, with a standard Oyster case and strap, brushed case front, polished sides, with a raised polished bezel, with a premium feel, and a domestic reference price of 44,000.

The watch measures 39mm and has a very basic dial with a simple large three-hand hand and no additional functions. The watch is on the formal side of the style spectrum, but thanks to the Oyster case, it is also water resistant to 100 metres, so it is perfectly fine to wear for swimming.


The Airmaster is the smallest of all Rolex collections. Originally designed for pilots of the Royal Air Force, the Airmaster is the only model left and has a domestic reference price of $50,000.

Measuring 40mm, this watch has a very individual design that completely overturns our perception of Rolex, with 11 different numerals spread across the dial, with 3-6-9 representing the hours scale and the other 8 hour markers representing the minutes, and a bright green seconds hand on the dial, making it extremely recognisable.

Explorer II

Designed for mountain climbers,replica rolex the Explorer II not only has the precision of a chronometer, but also operates in harsh conditions and has a domestic reference price of $56,000.

The watch is 42mm in size, allowing for clearer reading of the time. In addition to the basic large three hands, the dial has a bright orange hand that points to the time in a second time zone. The watch has a water resistance of 100 metres and can be carried with it for swimming. With its practical functions and good looks, it is very suitable as an entry-level model.

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cheapest Rolex Cellini Date 50519

I can’t remember the last time Rolex displayed the date via a turntable rather than a disc in the window. In fact, Rolex used the original Datejust to invent the concept of a date calendar window watch. If you prefer formal attire and know that the date is still useful to you, the Rolex Cellini Date is a very enticing product. The date dial further helps to add personality to what was originally just a three-cheapest Rolex Cellini Date 50519 handed face. The additional information takes the dial deeper into the “horological zone”, making it suitable for those who wish to purchase a Rolex Cellini Date, not just as their only timepiece, but as a complement to a variety of fine watches.
Rolex’s new 39mm wide Cellini case combines elements of its more classic watch collection with the universally popular Oyster case. At a water resistance depth of 50 meters, the Cellini is no oyster, but it’s still thinner. It does, however, come with the very slim look of the Oyster with slotted bezel, which adds a touch of Rolex DNA to the collection.

At 39mm wide, I found the Cellini case to blend elegant and modern proportions in a satisfying way, neither too big nor too small. Unlike the wider lugs on most Oyster Professional watches like the Submariner, the lugs on the Cellini case gradually taper to a smaller fit on the wrist. It feels like just a few years ago, when almost all Rolex watches were worn entirely on metal bracelets. Now, with products like the Rolex Cellini, we’re coming to realize that there’s a growing need to add the Rolex wearing experience to the bracelet.
That being said, I can’t help but wonder what the bracelet designed for the new Cellini line will look like. However, the bracelet is beautiful, with the Rolex signature (and crown) stamped on it, and is made of alligator leather, in black or brown.